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Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

_EquipA Plus Instal·lacions SL is a company from Barcelona dedicated to the installations sector with extensive experience and commitment to the technological development and sustainability of its professional activity.

A Plus Instal·lacions offers “Global Service” which allows you to centralize on a single industrial provider for the full services of all the professional installations of any project.

Our main objective is the contact with our customers to find out, on a first-hand basis, what their real needs are and, and in that way to offer them personalized and high-quality service.

The team of professionals that comprise our permanent staff with their qualified training, will give you technical support and allow you to forget about all of the technical aspects of your installations. Their vast experience allows them to execute and propose the best solutions for the projects you have in mind. This, together with the use of products from top brands of international recognition, is a true guarantee of success.

A Plus Instal·lacions  is a company committed to the environment that focuses on the future of new technologies in order to ensure greater energy efficiency in their installation projects. We pay special attention to the rational use ofresources, of waste minimization, of the recycling and of the reuse of materials, by which we promote sustainable advancement.

We collaborate with engineering firms, architects, builders and interior designers for the realization of all types of installations and comprehensive projects.

We carry out projects, installations, repairs and maintenance of: Electrical and Telecommunications Systems, Plumbing, Gas, Air Conditioning, Heating, Water Treatment, Computer Networks, Security Systems, Fire Detection and Suppression Installations, Home Automation and Renewable Energy Systems.

Company registered in: Industrial Registry of the Generalitat of Catalonia | Registry of Installation Companies of low-voltage electricity systems | Registry of Water Installation Companies | Registry of Telecommunication Installers of Catalonia | Registry of Gas Installation Companies EG-II | Registryof Thermal Building System Installation and Maintenance Companies | Registry of Accredited Companies.


Liability Insurance valued at 1,100,000 euros, per incident.